Education Programs and Workshops

School and community groups can book workshops at Toronto’s First Post Office. We hold these programs according to your schedule, so please call or email to ask if your preferred date and time is available!

Don’t forget: you can combine a workshop with a walking tour for a full-day field trip in Toronto’s Old Town! We can supply space to enjoy your packed lunch, or take advantage of the many food options available at nearby historic St. Lawrence Market.

Workshops Details

  • Length: 90 minutes (can be shortened to 60 minutes)
  • Most programs are $7.50/participant
  • Maximum group size: 25
  • Minimum charge: $100
  • Cancellation charge for less than 48 hours notice: $50

Click the button below (a form will open on a new page) to start a booking inquiry. You will be contacted shortly to confirm your program.

Click the program titles below to see descriptions and information for our most popular educational programs. Your program can be adapted to your group’s requirements.

The Meeting Place

This museum workshop looks at the growth of Toronto from colonial outpost to megacity. It also examines changes in communication between Torontonians and the rest of the world. Participants are invited to write a letter with quill and ink, just as in 1834.

This program can be adapted to meet the needs of almost any group, and can focus on different aspects of Toronto history depending on the nature of the group.

Cost: $7.50 per participant

Ontario curriculum links:
Grade 3: Early Settlements in Upper Canada; Urban and Rural Communities
Grade 7: British North America; Conflict and Change

We have a version of this program, adapted especially for Brownie and Girl Guide groups! In addition to our regular program, participants will learn about the modern postal system.

Brownie badge links:
Literacy and Writing > Write On

Guide badge links:
Exploring and Neighbourhood > Heritage
Citizenship > Discover Your Community
History and Folklore > Heritage, Provincial Heritage
Literacy and Writing > Writing, Postal

A Visit to the Post Office in 1834

This program is suitable for those under 7 years of age, or for mixed age groups including young children.

The title comes from a storybook that was written and illustrated just for Toronto’s First Post Office! In it, Rebecca and her father travel to the new city of Toronto from their farm to sell their produce and run some errands. They find a surprise waiting for them at the Post Office!

Your group will learn how to write and mail a letter along with Rebecca, and about some of the differences between town and country, and past and present.

Cost: $7.50 per participant

Ontario curriculum links:
Grade 1: The Local Community

History Squared
Toronto’s First Post Office partners with nearby Enoch Turner Schoolhouse to offer larger groups an entire day of programming in the Old Town.