Exhibits at Toronto’s First Post Office

Permanent Exhibits

Royal Mail: Postal Service 1830-1840
Your primer on the Royal Mail period in Canada, including the basics of writing a letter, mail delivery, colonial control, and postage and payment.

Temporary Exhibits

Sketching the Town of York

This exhibit features various representations of engravings, illustrations, and depictions of the Old Town area and demonstrates the changing landscapes and architectural marvels that once adorned these streets.

Virtual Exhibits

James Scott Howard: Postmaster
Part 1: Howard and Toronto’s First Post Office
Part 2: After Howard

Toronto 1837: A Model City
The online version of our scale model of Toronto of 1837. Explore the map to find out more about some of Toronto’s earliest locales.

Out of the Ashes (PDF will open in a new window)
The story of how Toronto’s First Post Office, the Bank of Upper Canada, and the De La Salle Institute were rediscovered and resurrected.

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Read First: The mission of the Town of York Historical Society is to create original and accessible programming, public events and broad-baed communication geared to all ages and cultures that will generate excitement and pride in Toronto and its place in the history of Canada. Exhibits at Toronto’s First Post Office should reflect this mission.

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