Planning on Paper

Planning on Paper Workshop, Thursday, March 22, 6:30pm - 9:00pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), $25, pre-registration required here, hosted by Edgar & Martha handmade.

We live in a digital world, but people are rediscovering that the best way to wrangle tasks, goals, time commitments, and productivity is still planning on paper. Notebook planners are easy to individualize and change as you go, and are a great way to focus your attention on what’s important to you, and get the job done. Planning on paper can keep you committed, and on track for life goals both big and small.

On your own, the initial setup of a planner system may seem intimidating, but being productive can actually be fun and creative! In this workshop we’ll explore the most popular systems that will work for your life, your career, and your dreams. We’ll also share ways to incentivize and motivate yourself through your planner, so you can live your best life. There will be lots of time and inspiration for experimenting with layouts and having fun with design.

What to bring:
We will supply everything you need, except for your actual journal. Any notebook will work with these systems. Choose a new notebook that you love, will fit in your bag, and has plenty of pages to fill!

Bring your favourite pen, too, but we'll have lots of other supplies to help make your new planner feel like home.

Post a Letter Meetup

Post-a-Letter Sundays, Sunday, April 8, 1:00pm - 4:00pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), free, drop-in.

A free, monthly drop-in for letter-writers, bullet journallers, and all those who would like DEDICATED WRITING TIME in good company!

Hosted by our lovely stationery-smitten gals:

Jessica Lewis (The Paper Trail Diary)
Forever doomed to boasting multiple paper cuts at any given time, Jessica Lewis shares her love of books, snail mail, zines and crafts on her blog The Paper Trail Diary. The blog also features a shop, such as the zines ‘The Chain Letter Short Story Project’ and ‘This is What It’s Like to be a Stationery Nerd.’ She loves writing to her pen pals all over the world, finding new things to make out of scrapbook paper, and reading as much as she can.

Andrea-Raymond Wong (Q&A Letterbox)
Andrea Raymond loves snail mail and stationery, so much, that she wrote a letter everyday in 2014 and 2015. Co-founder of the stationery subscription Q&A Letterbox, Andrea is always on the lookout for pretty paper. She also collaborates on Pretty Postal, organizing themed snail mail swaps.

Unless otherwise noted:
Pre-registration and pre-payment is required for all workshops and ticketed events. There are no refunds within forty-eight hours of events. Please note that not all events are suited for children.

Bonus: on the day of workshops at Toronto's First Post Office, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our gift shop.