The Searcher Group

Paranormal Investigations with The Searcher Group, Friday, October 27, 7:00pm - 8:30pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), $20, ages 18+, pre-registration required.

The Searcher Group is a team of dedicated people who are extremely active in the study of parapsychology and work towards re-enforcing its positive impact on the rich history of our nation, with a specific focus on Ontario. The people and events within our historical past have wonderful stories to share and important lessons to teach us. Through research and investigations, the Searcher Group attempts to gain a glimpse into the human condition, the personal events from those lives past and the mark they have left behind. The Searcher Group provides information on research and investigative methods to individuals and investigative groups around the globe.

As the night draws in, members of The Searcher Group will share stories, photos, revelations and ground-breaking theories gleaned from over three decades of investigation and research in the field, followed by the opportunity for you to put your own questions to the team.

Don’t miss this rare public appearance! Click here for tickets.

More information on the Searcher Group, their history and investigations, can be found at The Searcher Group.

All proceeds from this presentation will go towards Toronto's First Post Office and the Town of York Historical Society. Dating back to 1833, Toronto's First Post Office is one of the few structures left standing from the old town of York. As the only interpretive centre for the original town, the museum is an ideal starting point when exploring the historic Old Town neighbourhood. Toronto's First Post Office is pleased to welcome the Searcher Group, and thanks them for their support.

Cement Planter

Cement Planter Workshop, November 16, 2017, 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), $20, pre-registration required.

Create your own cement planters! In this workshop, you will learn how to mold and set a beautiful planter, and then paint, detail, and even plant a tiny succulent. Each participant will take home one potted succulent and at least one handmade planter.

We provide all materials, including succulents!

Post-a-Letter and Fans-of-Plans

Post-a-Letter and Fans-of-Plans Sundays, ongoing (see below for upcoming dates), 1:00 - 4:00 pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), free, drop-in.

We've had a lot of interest lately in forming a meet-up/drop-in group for those who have adopted the Bullet Journal system. At the same time, the letter-writers among us have been asking to increase the frequency of Post-a-Letter Sundays.

So we're combining the two!

The original Post-a-Letter Sundays began with a simple concept: this was dedicated writing time. But it evolved to include a little show-and-tell, the occasional special guest, and always good company. As we move into the new year, we'll continue to look to you to tell us what you'd like from it. Would you like supplies provided? Nibbles? Music? Come along and let's chat. Or just turn up with your bullet journal/planner/correspondence, and get down to work.

Upcoming Post-a-Letter/Fans-of-Plans Sundays:
October 15
November 19
December 10

Planning on Paper

Planning on Paper Workshops, January 18, 2018, 6:30pm - 9:00pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), $20, pre-registration required.

We live in a digital world, but people are rediscovering that the best way to wrangle tasks, goals, time commitments, and productivity is still planning on paper! Notebook planners are easy to individualize and change as you go, and are a great way to focus your attention on what’s important to you, and get the job done. Planning on paper can keep you committed, and on track for life goals both big and small.

On your own, the initial setup of a planner system may seem intimidating, but being productive can actually be fun and creative! In this workshop we’ll explore the most popular systems that will work for your life, your career, and your dreams. We’ll also share ways to incentivize and motivate yourself through your planner, so you can live your best life. There will be lots of time and inspiration for experimenting with layouts and having fun with design.

We will supply everything you need, except for your actual journal.

Any notebook will work with the Bullet Journal system. Choose a new notebook that you love, will fit in your bag, and has plenty of pages to fill!

We will have a few Leuchtturm1917 notebooks available at the workshop for $25 (tax included), but quantities are limited, so please call ahead to have one placed on hold for you. The Leuchtturm1917 features high quality, acid-free paper that resists ink bleed-through, dotted, numbered pages, a table of contents, two ribbon bookmarks, and an elastic closure. It's black, 5"x8", and 250 pages.

You may also want to bring a favourite pen, but we'll have lots of other supplies to help make your new bullet journal feel like home.

Bonus: on the day of the workshop, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our gift shop.

Cement Planter

Old Card Workshop, January 28, 2018, 2:00pm - 4:00pm, Toronto's First Post Office (260 Adelaide St. East), $20, pre-registration required.

Do you have stacks of old, used greeting cards? Cards that are too beautiful to declutter? Too meaningful to toss?

Paper fans, rejoice! There is new life for old cards! In this workshop, we'll make a series of useful items from your old cards, including notebooks, new cards, wallets, and more! You'll get instructions, and the time, help, and supplies to make as many as you like during the workshop.

Bring your most significant cards, cards with eye-catching images, or used cards that would be perfect for someone else if only they weren't... used. We will revive them! We'll also have some from our own substantial stash for you to use.

Bonus: on the day of the workshop, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our gift shop, just in case you want to pick up some *new* locally-produced stationery to go with your renewed classics.

Unless otherwise noted:
Pre-registration and pre-payment is required for all workshops and ticketed events. There are no refunds within forty-eight hours of events. Please note that not all events are suited for children.

Bonus: on the day of workshops at Toronto's First Post Office, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our gift shop.