Memberships & Box Rentals


Membership in the Town of York Historical Society, which operates Toronto’s First Post Office, helps in ways that exceed its nominal cost. Your membership sends a message to policy and decision-makers that heritage and community matters.

With membership, you’ll get a subscription to the Town of York Historical Society newsletter, advanced notice of all events held by the Town of York Historical Society, and a 10% discount in Toronto’s First Post Office’s gift shop. 

Current Rates

Individual: $30 per year
Family: $50 per year

Click the button below to purchase your membership online, or pop by the post office.

Post Box Rentals

Toronto’s First Post Office has PO boxes for rent! We offer personal service, 7 days a week for a very competitive rate, which includes membership in the Town of York Historical Society. As a member, you’ll receive our quarterly newsletter, and receive discounts and advance notice of special events.

We offer many extra services that you won’t find at Canada Post locations. Our boxholders enjoy:

  • friendly, personalized service
  • competitive rental rates
  • full postal service, 7 days a week
  • courier and hand-deliveries
  • short-term mail forwarding – if you live elsewhere for part of the year, we can arrange to forward your mail, including courier deliveries
  • an address in downtown Toronto
  • permanence – if you move often, a post office box will prevent the inconvenience, uncertainty, and expense of having mail forwarded from an old address
  • privacy – if you run your own small business, keep a professional address and avoid giving out your home address to customers.

There’s no need to worry if a package won’t fit in your box – our boxes are always as large as your mail requires!

Our boxes are reproductions of the 19th century originals once rented by such notables as William Lyon Mackenzie, Thomas Ridout and Egerton Ryerson. They were reconstructed following the original invoice sent by Mr. Alexander Hamilton, “looking glass manufacturer, carver and gilder”, to the postmaster in 1834.

Please give us a call to discuss availability and the other perks of picking up your mail in a museum!

Current Rates
$195 per year (includes tax and TYHS membership).